Who is the true leader, man or monkey

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Where can you find a true leader, in jungle or in corporate?  Before we start our search, we need to know the essential qualities & definition of a true leader, what a leader must & should have and by which we can differentiate or identify a true leader.  Corporate HR usually engage busily to develop and identify leaders in corporate through series of leadership training programmes.

It is impossible to find a leader in corporate world as the ‘survival leadership qualities' are totally different from true leadership in corporate.  Just with true leadership qualities, none can survive in modern corporate nor will be allowed to survive. 

What are the qualities a true leader should and must possess?  A true leader should have/be

  1. Honest
  2. Forward-lookingability
  3. Competency
  4. Inspiring power
  5. Intelligent

Can corporate make people with above qualities as their leader?  In the world of trade and business, can honesty survive?  If honesty survives, can business survive? Are honesty and business success paradoxical? How two parallel lines meet, possibly may meet at infinity.  Can a corporate leader afford to have forward looking ability? Short cuts, cutting corners and cutting the throat only would assure business success then how the second quality hold good for a corporate leader?

What is the meaning of the word competency?  The definition of competency according to modern corporate is nothing but having muscle and money power to make it invincible to the opponent. 

How inspiring are the corporate leaders.  Certainly they are inspiring.  People have lot to learn from them, essentially how not to be or how one should not be.  Except for research experiments, negative control/example is never used in any studies or comparison.  Always only the positive reference is used.  Many corporate leaders form the best negative control for leadership studies or comparison.

Last and the least is intelligence.  Our modern definition is that education is directly related to employment and worldly success is directly related to intelligence. According to this definition, most corporate leaders are intelligent.

Wildlife has true leaders with all the above five qualities.  The ά-male in a monkey troop display all the qualities as it is very honest to its troop and to its role, it has forward looking ability as it always settles on upper canopy to have a vista to its vision, it is competent to protect its troop and only through proven competency, it has become the leader, it has inspiring power as many other males during heat season tries to become a leaders like him through trial of strength, it is intelligent indeed as it knows how to keep the troop together with his dominance reaffirmed time and again by all. 

Only in unadulterated ecosystem, true leaders can exist and that is why true leaders can be seen only in animal world.  Corporate should strive hard to create an ecosystem where true leaders are naturally born.

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Who is the true leader, man or monkey

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This article was published on 2011/06/27