Define Your Level of Success with Corporate Clothing

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In the corporate world, your employees are often the first connection your potential client has with your business. Their first impression of your business is made by how they perceive your staff. When your clients look at your company, what do you want them to see? Do you want them to feel like you are worth the money they are spending on you? Would you like them to feel that your company operates according to the standards of  excellence and  can handle any project or decision they would entrust you with?


If you are interested in projecting a powerful, positive image to your clients, you should consider purchasing corporate clothing for your employees.


Corporate Clothing- What Happens When a Business Goes Casual?


It used to be that when you walked into almost any place of business, you were greeted by a sharply dressed man or woman wearing a suit. When these individuals were hired on, they did not have to ask what the dress code was. It was always assumed that in the corporate world, you dress to impress with proper business attire.


Nowadays, things are much different. More and more businesses are going casual, not only Friday, but all week long. What does this mean when it comes to job performance, respect of the clients, and company success? While it may be true that some casual days at work can sometimes boost morale and raise the confidence that employees have in each other, there are other significant issues that may be affected by casual attire.


According to psychologist Jeffery L. Magee, continually relaxed business attire leads to relaxed manners, relaxed morals, and trickles right down to relaxed productivity. He also feels that relaxed dress leads to a decrease in company loyalty, as well as an increase in litigation and tardiness. All that stems from lowering the bar when it comes to corporate clothing? That's what the experts are finding.


Using Corporate Clothing- Demonstrating Your Success Through Corporate Clothing


Your clients always notice red flags, and an unkempt corporate image can be the worst. The right corporate clothing can get you off to the correct start. With this type of clothing, you will show your clients that your company is:


  • Professional
  • Serious about the work it does
  • Confident in its employees
  • Has staff members that are loyal to the company


The customers that come to you want to be sure that they are placing their money in the hands of a company that will provide them with the service they are paying for.


For instance, when you walk into an attorney's office, you don't want to see the attorney you pay hundreds of dollars an hour for sitting behind a desk wearing a polo shirt, faded blue jeans, and a pair of sneakers. He is immediately devalued in your eyes, regardless of his track record or legal competence. This is why it is so important to send that first positive message through the use of corporate clothing.


Consider choosing corporate clothing for your staff members. You will create a feeling of confidence and loyalty that can not be captured with the use of casual business attire. Quality Corporate Clothing

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Define Your Level of Success with Corporate Clothing

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This article was published on 2011/06/29