Assembling Your Executive Protection Unit Team

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If you are assembling an EPU for a corporation, look for men and women with proven security backgrounds from the military, law enforcement, private sector, PSD or an EP (Executive Protection) academy. The individuals you choose should have good working knowledge and a thorough understanding with regard to the application of EP within a corporate environment. If you are the detail leader (DL), which is a significant leadership position, it will be up to you to provide them with a professional EP education and an understanding of what their job responsibilities will entail.

Starting an EPU from the ground up can be a daunting task. However, if you obtain individuals who are mature, calm, patient and emotionally stable and who have common sense and mutual respect towards each other, you can build an EPU with superb capabilities. The best EPUs are built on the foundation of quality people (professionally and personally) who are well motivated and committed to EP success.

Although your EPU may have qualified and experienced personnel from the military, law enforcement, private sector, PSD or an EP academy, you'll still have to design and implement corporate EP policies - ones with iron discipline and precise standards. The program should be aimed to ensure the EPU remains sophisticated and professional. They should develop ways to merge their capabilities within a corporate cabinet meeting, an international executive summit, executive conference, a state dinner or a board of director's meeting.


Personnel entering your EPU should have a broader range of talents and skills needed in dealing comfortably with top businesspeople in a variety of circumstances they will encounter. This includes courtesy, politeness and good manners, but always keeping a protective edge that normal individuals (non-EPU members) don't have.

It they don't already have these skills, your EPU will have to learn fast. This is a decisive factor for today's EPS (Executive Protection Specialist). It makes sense. Nobody wants thugs in ill-fitting suits hovering around them at high-level business and social events. EPS in a corporate environment must practice their trade very discreetly; therefore, those who clearly do not meet the required standards should be dropped. Only hired the best and brightest for your corporate EPU. Keep safe out there.

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Assembling Your Executive Protection Unit Team

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This article was published on 2010/03/31